Forthcoming Events

2019 Season

Come and Sing Day Saturday 13th April 2019, 10am-5.30pm St. John’s Church, Westbay, Dorset – click here for more information

‘Allelujah! I heard a voice’ Saturday 11th May 2019 7.30pm St. Mary’s, Corscombe, Dorset

‘Allelujah! I heard a voice’ Saturday 1st June 2019 7pm Holy Trinity Church, Bothenhampton, Dorset

Parnham Voices Safari Saturday 31st August 2019 – venues to be announced

‘Love Stories’ Saturday 19th October 2019, St. Andrew’s, Yetminster, Dorset

‘Love Stories’ Saturday 26th October 2019, Holy Trinity Church, Bradpole, Dorset

Advent/Christmas Programme Saturday 7th December 2019 3pm, Stoke-sub-Hamden, Somerset

Advent/Christmas Programme Sunday 8th December 2019 3pm, St. Mary’s, Netherbury, Dorset

Advent/Christmas Programme Friday 13th December, 2019 7.30pm Beaminster Museum, Beaminster, Dorset