Choir Vacancies

2019 current vacancies:

Soprano (singing soprano 2 in divided parts) permanent

Tenor (singing tenor 2 in divided parts) permament

Bass (singing bass 1 in divided parts) permanent

Parnham Voices is a small chamber choir specialising in a cappella singing. We are based in Beaminster, West Dorset but perform throughout the south west region.

We practise on Monday evenings between 7.30pm and 9.30pm in the Pavilion in Beaminster and perform between six and eight concerts a year in spring/early summer and autumn/Christmas.

We rehearse in the Pavillion, Beaminster (the blue marker next to the red one)

We are a very friendly choir producing a very good sound and good public performances, which receive excellent audience feedback. Although we are an amateur choir, our members have a professional approach to rehearsing and performing.

We are looking for singers who had had previous choral experience, who are competent music readers, have some sight-singing ability and can learn their parts independently. We expect singers to attend the majority of rehearsals and come musically prepared as we keep ‘note bashing’ to a minimum.

The audition process

We are an auditioned choir and prospective members will be required to attend a short informal audition.

1. The auditionee should prepare a short, unaccompanied piece or extract of a piece (lasting no longer than 2 minutes). It could be a part of a song or aria, rather than a line from a choral texture.

2. There will be a few short aural exercises to assess the auditionee’s listening skills (pitch and rhythm)

3. There will be a short and simple sight-singing exercise (in the voice part’s usual clef, in a key with no more than 4 sharps or flats, with tempo indication, text and dynamics). The auditionee will have a couple of minutes to study the exercise. The key note and starting note will be given.

If successful we will invite the singer for a 5 rehearsal trial period, after which, we will discuss with the singer whether we both wish to proceed.

Interested? Please get in touch via the Contact Page. Thank you.